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About Susanne Fritz

Susanne Fritz Architekten is an international architectural practice based in Zürich, Switzerland. It is lead by the architect Dipl. Arch. ETH Susanne Fritz and Dipl. Arch. HTL Patrick Schöll. Susanne Fritz gained her professional experience in Los Angeles and Munich, and worked with prestigious architectural practices in Zürich.

Susanne Fritz Architekten has developed and successfully applied a comprehensive strategy. Arc assessments, profitability studies, and target group analysis are the main goals of the design process.

Susanne Fritz understands architecture not only as a designed and functional space, but also as a medium of communication, that represents the values, services, or products for her clients. Thus her client’s architecture contributes directly and measurably to his or her academic success.

The needs of the client are translated into a narrative concept, that the architecture integrally accompanies with branding, corporate identity, graphics and communication.