AXA Schappe


Shopping Center Schappe

The repositioning of the Schappe Center mall in Kriens/Lucerne required a new image.

The extensive renovation resulted in a new tenant mix and an expanded range of offers, thus addressing new target groups.

Through the precise use of resources on the surfaces and components relevant to the appearance, we were able to enormously increase the attractiveness of the façade, the surroundings and the mall.

The entrances and the façade were given a new cladding of two counter-rotating waves of anodised aluminium tubes, whose arrangement creates different visual impressions depending on the perspective.

The formerly sober inner courtyard was given a small park. In order to create a defined zone and a protected area, we piled up two hills, creating a lenticular space. Since the inner courtyard is to be used by all generations, the playground equipment was integrated into the park landscape: a small play cave is located in the fill and the slide is embedded in the hill.

Existing shafts were used to integrate ground-level trampolines, the remaining area was given a non-slip sports floor covering, which ties in with the interior design.

Inside, the mall was given new ceiling, wall and floor coverings and a new lighting concept on 1000 m². The cast floor and the renewal of the ceiling were realized while the shops were still in operation and required precise planning of the stages and punctual adherence to the deadlines.

The lighting installation consisting of large, cylindrical luminaires on the upper mall level picks up the wave theme again and sets the stage for the high room.

The fire protection concept was adapted to current regulations and the existing building was refurbished accordingly.