Feasibility study construction land Ebnet, LU


Feasibility study construction land Ebnet, LU

Susanne Fritz Architekten was commissioned by the Schmidli community of heirs for a holistic concept of building law clarifications, yield calculation, architecture, as well as the preparation of sales documentation and close cooperation in the transaction support for a 14,000 m2 property in the Lucerne area.

Since the rezoning application went all the way to the Federal Supreme Court, a set of regulations was created that contained numerous conditions.

Through the precise analysis and skilful interpretation of these conditions, optimisation of floor plans and the use of various usage bonuses, e.g. for energy-optimised and disabled-friendly building, Susanne Fritz Architekten was able to increase the sales price by 15% than a hedonic calculation model showed.

Our work included the evaluation and analysis of all conditions and building regulations, utilisation calculations, yield calculations as well as an architectural study. Attractive floor plans, materialisation and the architectural design of the buildings were brought closer to the buyer in visualisations and interactive panoramas.

The municipality of Adligenswil is located in the Lucerne agglomeration and has 5,343 inhabitants.

The site is located within the village on a slightly south-westerly slope, directly on the Lettenbach stream in Adligenswil. The location is characterised by good sunlight, the surrounding recreational area with the wonderful view of the Central Swiss Alps, as well as the proximity to the city of Lucerne.

The property has a total area of approximately 14'184m2 and is located in the residential zone with compulsory concept and design (W-KG), on which

a chargeable floor area (aGF) of 6'000m2 is permitted according to the BZR.

The settlement form is to be designed in a mix of use consisting of multi-storey flats and semi-detached and detached houses. The settlements of the cubatures are to be provided in accordance with the synthesis plan. The site is in a good residential location, has good access and is well served by the public road and trottoire.

According to the location and market rating of Wüest Parter AG, Adligenswil is considered to be a very good location for owner-occupied apartments.

location quality for condominiums and very good location quality for semi-detached and semi-detached houses. A sensible staging for the development was agreed with the authorities (max. 5/10 years).