Franz Carl Weber

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Interior Design Concept Franz Carl Weber Zurich

Franz Carl Weber is the most traditional toy store in Zurich. The famous catalog at Christmas is an integral part of the collective memory of several generations. These nostalgic memories make the store in downtown Zurich the first address when it comes to making children's hearts beat faster.

Traditionally, Franz Carl Weber was located between Bahnhofstrasse and Rennweg. Rising rents necessitated a move to a new location opposite Zurich's main train station. The relocation had to be realized within a short period of time and many customers missed the popular branch design of Bahnhofstrasse. The growing competition from online retail was now to be countered with a strong retail concept and an eventful design.

Susanne Fritz Architekten developed a holistic store concept for Franz Carl Weber based on a strong identity, worlds of experience for the customer and optimal product presentation. It makes it easier for customers to find their way around the store, and deliberately focuses on stimulating children's imagination and senses through discovery, play, and haptic experiences. At the same time, the concept incorporates digitalization in retail, in terms of productivity, streamlining and added value for the customer through omni-channel services. In addition to logistical optimizations such as positioning of the cash registers, organizational development and logical signaling, shop-in-shop concepts of famous brands such as Lego, Steiff or Schleich are integrated into the overall scenographic and interior design concept to ensure a holistic appearance.