Hotel Romanshorn


Hotel Romanshorn

In December 2017, Hess Investment AG, the main shareholder of SBS AG, acquired a plot of land from the municipality of Romanshorn located directly at the harbour.

This plot may be developed within 8 years exclusively for the construction of a hotel complex in the middle class range with seminar and gastronomy. For the hotel project, a participation procedure was carried out involving representatives of interest groups, including the town of Romanshorn.

In a referendum in 2017, the voters of the town of Romanshorn approved the land sale of parcel no. 3405 to HESS IMMOBILIEN AG, based in Amriswil, and the construction of a hotel complex.

Together with parcel no. 2879, the site forms an urban unit in a central location. Therefore, the town of Romanshorn as owner of parcel no. 2879 and Schweizerische Bodenseeschifffahrt AG (SBS AG) as representative of the owner of parcel no. 3405 have decided to jointly develop the area between the railway line and the old customs house.

From the upstream participation procedure in autumn 2020 with representatives of various interest groups, it became clear that the site would have to be developed through a competitive procedure, taking public interests into account. This competition resulted in a contract from SBS AG for Susanne Fritz Architekten GmbH for the planning of the hotel complex.

According to the existing and new planning laws of the city of Romanshorn, the site is subject to a special harbour zone with mandatory design plans. The spatial programme of the hotel includes:

On the ground floor is the reception with lobby, a breakfast restaurant for 120 guests, a seminar room with 80 seats and three meeting rooms with 10-14 seats. The three upper floors contain a total of 84 double rooms, 48 of which have a lake view. In the basement there is an underground garage with 40 parking spaces, technical and storage rooms.The building owner places a special focus on sustainability. Therefore, renewable energies such as solar energy and the use of lake water for heating and cooling are being considered for the energy supply.