Jakob Rohner

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Jakob Rohner

For Jakob Rohner AG, Susanne Fritz Architects were commissioned with the renovation of the entire company complex as well as a conversion project.

In 1930, Jacob Rohner founded a sock factory in Balgach (CH). With the acquisition of circular knitting machines, which were newly invented at that time, it was possible to produce stockings and socks of the highest quality. This has not changed until today: Rohner socks are still made in Europe from high quality

from high-quality raw materials, but production has been moved to Portugal. Today, Jacob Rohner AG offers more than 120 different socks for every need: innovative models for fashion, sports, health and children. They are manufactured in Europe with high quality materials and with the latest technologies.

The entire building complex had to be put to a new use and was expanded and renovated by Susanne Fritz Architekten. The production building was converted into loft apartments on the upper floors, which have spacious terraces and a roof garden. A new warehouse was built on the first floor, along with a flagship store and new office space. The brand identity of the traditional company was modernized and given a new graphic and architectural face. The new corporate architecture is dominated by natural materials, just as the company's products are made from natural raw materials.

The individualized store layout was harmonized with standardized systems, thus creating a unique identity in harmony with efficient sales management. Despite the lower density of the racks, the turnover per square meter has been increased.