Office JH Kunz


J.H. Kunz Office Conversion

The real estate services company J.H. Kunz was handed over to the younger generation, who took the company into digital transformation. The existing offices were remodeled and the new corporate philosophy is reflected in a modern corporate architecture.

Within four months, 23 workstations were created, which were planned with the functionality of the spaces and future growth of the company in mind. Due to the digitalization of the company, the offices were able to gain open space.

The different departments of the company have different needs, which were taken into account in the new floor plan design. While the management department prefers to work as a team, the administration and accounting departments need discrete and separated workplaces. Glass cubes placed in the open floor plan zone the area and provide space for undisturbed work and internal meetings.

The available space was optimized by means of customized furniture. Timeless, high-quality and sustainable products as well as ergonomic workplaces were emphasized. Acoustically effective curtains and acoustic elements on the ceiling, as well as suitable lighting for the workstations, created the ideal conditions for a productive working atmosphere. All rooms were planned without thresholds.

The theme of the rhombus, taken from the J.H. Kunz logo, becomes a design element of the interior architecture and is found in various forms on the floor, wall and ceiling. Corporate identity and corporate architecture thus merge into one entity.