Maisonette in Orselina

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Maisonette in Orselina

In prime location, high above Lago Maggiore, a luxurious apartment extends over two levels.

The floor plan of the existing apartment was reorganized and all finishes, bathrooms and the kitchen were replaced.

Asian style elements are interwoven with quotes from a classic European city apartment.

High-quality chestnut built-ins with strong lines structure the rooms.

The wallpaper in the living room depicts the delicate and organic motif of a native medical plant.

A trowelled floor forms a calm surface with a slightly heterogeneous structure.

In the bedroom, the textile wallpaper with the Asian crane motif meets Viennese mesh. The built-in reading lamps flank the bed and a modern lampion as a ceiling light illuminates the room.

The youth’s room portrays a colorful concept with a labyrinthine wallpaper of a tropical city where thoughts can find their way.