MS St Gallen


MS St. Gallen

The motor ship "MS St Gallen" served as a course and excursion ship of the Swiss Lake Constance Navigation Company since the 1950s. It is licensed for up to 650 people. Due to the increasing shift in use as an event ship, the requirements for catering, interior and technical installations changed. In order to meet these requirements, the MS St. Gallen was technically upgraded by Susanne Fritz Architekten to the latest standards in terms of catering, air conditioning, media technology & lighting, safety standards and accessibility for the disabled. A new engine was also required, as there were hardly any spare parts available for the existing engines and the operating costs were very high due to the diesel consumption.

After the comprehensive technical refurbishment of the engines, generators and the steering gear, a core refurbishment of the ship was carried out. Susanne Fritz Architects undertook a stylistic cleanup of the ship, combining the original design and exterior with a contemporary design. Oak, leather and brass pay respect to an era when sustainability was celebrated in the value of craftsmanship and materials. Large presentation screens are recessed into the ceiling and can be extended as needed, and a hi-fi system guarantees the appropriate listening experience. On the upper deck Susanne Fritz Architects continued the successful model of a sun sail, as it has already proven itself in the Restaurant Hafen and on the MS Santis: The filigree canopy not only protects from the sun but also makes it possible to stay on the outside deck in light rain or during the transitional season, which has proven to increase sales.

The interior continues the corporate design of the Restaurant Hafen and the MS Säntis developed for the Schweizerische Bodensee Schifffahrtsgesellschaft.