P-Vision Student Residence


Student residence Winterthur

On behalf of the general contractor P-Vision, student flats were built on the upper floors of the building at the company's new headquarters. The flats are rented to students because the building is close to the Winterthur University of Applied Sciences.

The general contractor's offices are on the ground floor and basement, the students are in between, and the VIP lounge for clients and the roof terrace are on the top floor.

The rooms are spatially optimised with a furniture system designed by Susanne Fritz Architekten. A bed, wardrobe, storage space and workstation are integrated into a single module. The module also contains a bookshelf and a niche in the bed that also offers space for visitors. Integrated LED strips provide direct and indirect light, whether for bedtime reading or for studying.

The wall covering made of cork invites you to fill it with notes, posters, photos and souvenirs, thus immediately giving each room an individual face of each inhabitant. The woven floor is made of recycled plastic, has a homely feel, is easy to clean and does justice to the young generation's keen awareness of sustainability.

The fact that the owner and the landlord are in the same building as the student flats creates synergies in administration. This saved costs, which were reinvested in the furnishings of the flats: At a favourable rental price, it was possible to realise beautiful furnishings that are very space-optimised due to the layout and thus sustainable.