Gynecology Practice in Central Zurich


Gynecology Practice in Central Zurich

The medical practice in the centre of Zurich is run by two gynaecologists who, after taking over, invested in a conversion to create a modern, attractive and contemporary practice.

The element ceiling no longer met the aesthetic and hygienic requirements of a medical practice and was renewed, including all electrical installations and the air conditioning of the rooms.

The bulbous ceiling lights, covered on the inside with gold leaf, are a homage to femininity and an important design feature.

The practice is located in an old building from the period of promoterism in Zurich. Due to the typical arrangement of the rooms along a central corridor, the reception was not easily visible. A wall was therefore removed to create more spaciousness, revealing a half-timbered structure that has been preserved and is displayed in the corridor.

To increase the quality of stay during the waiting time, the clients also decided to redesign the waiting room.

A homely atmosphere contributes significantly to the patients being able to prepare for their examination in a relaxed manner.

Scandinavian furniture, homely lighting and soft colours create a cosy and calm atmosphere in which the patients should feel comfortable.

The walls were covered with a high-quality textured wallpaper from a French manufacturer.

The modular and expandable shelving system serves as a display for brochures, magazines and books and provides storage space.