Raiffeisen Egg


Raiffeisen Egg I Project Competition 2nd Place

The municipality of Egg is located in the Zurich Oberland, about 20 minutes' drive from Zurich. The existing Raiffeisenbank branch still has a classic layout from a time when smaller banks mainly did money transactions with customers. The new Raiffeisen branch is intended to present itself as an advisory bank. An open floor plan with the reception as the centrepiece and semi-open rooms allows for good visual references and openness towards customers.

The idea of the project makes historical reference to the silk factory Schröder&Co from the 19th century, which had a lasting influence on the community. From this textile past, the theme of "silk" becomes the starting point for our design.

Staggered electrolytically copper-plated steel tubes of different diameters symbolise shiny silk threads of raw silk. The different diameters of the rods and the staggered arrangement create a playful and three-dimensional surface. A large-format herringbone parquet floor makes the room visually wider and plays with scale. The walls in the waiting room and the consultation rooms are covered with acoustic elements and textile wallpaper made of raw silk.

The floor plan has been cleaned up in favour of an open, bright and flexible sequence of rooms - trapped spaces have been eliminated. The workstations are separated by switchable glass walls to provide the reception hall with daylight on both sides. The hybrid use of space creates great flexibility, as each workstation can also serve as a consultation space.