Robins Horn Adventure Playground

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Robins Horn Adventure Playground

After 6 years of delay caused by objections, the ROBINS HORN leisure park, planned by Susanne Fritz Architekten, was approved.

The adventure playground with observation towers offers both big and small the ideal conditions for an unforgettable leisure experience. The rope park challenges the brave and offers views over Lake Constance high above the treetops and the pirate stalactite cave for small adventurers. This new destination appeals not only to visitors who want to spend a whole day at the adventure playground, but also to those who want to combine a boat trip on Lake Constance with a trip to the HAFEN restaurant.

But this is not just an architectural vision: the goal is to keep the added value for tourism in the region and to strive for quality leadership compared to neighbouring countries with a unique offer that spans all generations:

An over 5,000m2 large filled-up headland that is not mapped, an old embrasure from World War II, all surrounded by water - this is the starting point for a new excursion destination for the whole family in Romanshorn on Lake Constance.

Inspired by the island of the adventure hero Robinson, a themed landscape is being created that offers babies, kids and teens relaxation, adventure, sport and fun for a whole day, until big and small fall into their beds exhausted at the end of the day. Water games and sand dunes, a pirate ship, towers with eagle's nests symbolising overgrown hollow tree trunks, giant slides, a trampoline landscape and rope winches as well as a stalactite cave are designed to offer experiences for children from 0-18. Huts for spending the night around the campfire, picnic facilities, café, showers, toilets and changing rooms as well as lockers complete the offer.