Rohner Office


Rohner Offices

The traditional company Rohner Socks was taken over by the Lion brothers in the second generation.

They renewed the sales structures and drove forward the digital transformation of the company. The new office space for the Rohner company was created as part of the overall renovation of the J.Rohner AG company complex in the former warehouse of Rohner Socks production, which was outsourced to Portugal.

The employees are facing new challenges and the company is rejuvenating. This finds expression in a new architecture that meets the requirements of a modern office.

The former production area was created into three work zones: The Open Space Office, individual workstations with acoustic zones, and partitioned offices with glass partitions for the management staff. The boardroom was equipped with a multimedia infrastructure with sophisticated video and audio technology for the international company's live online meetings even before the Covid pandemic.

The generous shed roofs of the old production hall create a special play of light and shadow, which is picked up by the LED strips in the ceiling and on the wall.

The natural skylight is complemented by the recessed light strips with artificial light in the ceiling and likewise creates a virtual play of light and shadow.

The furniture - except for the office chairs - was custom-made for the client.

Geometric objects were installed on the walls under the glass sheds, which are designed as acoustic panels to ensure optimal room acoustics.