Senior Center Sulgen

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Sulgen Home for the Elderly

Approximately seventy senior citizens in need of care live in the Sulgen home for the elderly, plus the residents of the adjoining retirement flats.

Most of the senior citizens living in the building use the restaurant and the common areas on the ground floor daily, and receive relatives, acquaintances and friends there.

For this reason, the cooperative decided to renovate these areas and to build an annex that would also be accessible to external guests as a café.

The winding floor plan was completely redesigned by Susanne Fritz Architekten so that more daylight can penetrate into the building's interior and the rooms are open and clearly laid out. The entrance and reception area becomes more inviting and user-friendly for visitors and staff alike.

In the interior, a surreal and narrative concept of a flowering garden with many details stimulates the imagination. Upside-down glowing tea cups on the ceiling quietly tell of the crazy tea party at Alice in Wonderland. Niches with curtains and reading corners create differentiated spaces of varying qualities of use. The design stimulates the senses and provides conversation material for residents and visitors.